President’s Message

Robert Fisher

Robert Fisher
President & CEO
Tioga State Bank

It is hard to believe that we have approached yet another new year. The days, weeks and months seem to be moving by at an ever faster pace, which has me particularly reflective about the time we can take making a difference in our communities.  As a local community bank, our customers and staff are our community partners.

As we donate our time, efforts and funding to the local school, theatre or non-profit, we are reinvesting right into our communities, our children and our neighbors, making a difference in our area.

This is why the giving program at Tioga State Bank has been a point of pride. Each year we contribute to organizations throughout the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Pennsylvania.

Over the last five years we have been able to contribute over $400,000 to bolster our communities.

With this new year, we will continue our efforts to give back to our communities, make a difference and support our neighborhoods.  We hope you will give back to our communities as well.

So this year remember to shop local and support local.