ACH / AFT / Payroll / Wires

Automated Clearing House Services (ACH)

ACH services are available for transferring funds from one financial institution to another for cash management purposes, direct deposit of payroll, bill paying, etc. ACH services are easy, convenient and inexpensive.

While standard ACH payments process on a next-day or two-day basis, Same Day ACH is available for businesses and customers who want to initiate payments or receive funds faster. Learn More About Same Day ACH.  


Automatic Funds Transfers (AFT)

Business customers are encouraged to use our convenient money transfer system to make loan payments or regularly move money from one account to another within Tioga State Bank. This service provides flexible transfer options.  


Payroll Direct Deposit

Tioga State Bank offers business customers a cost effective way to distribute compensation each pay period – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly – directly into individual employee accounts.  Payroll Direct Deposit provides money and time-saving advantages for both employers and employees.  


Wire Transfers

Tioga State Bank offers business customers the ability to submit wire transfers.