Cash Management Products

Cash Management Products & Services

Tioga State Bank has cash management products and services to meet your business objectives. What’s more…they can be customized and value priced to meet your individual business needs. Our Electronic Banking Specialist, Kimberly Potter, will work with you to determine how TSB can tailor cash management products and services to meet your needs and make banking easy and convenient for your business.

  • Concentration Account

The Concentration Account or “Master Account” allows you to improve the management and control of your account balances.  Concentrated funds can be used more effectively for investments and disbursements.

  • Zero Balance Account

Zero Balance Accounts work in conjunction with the Concentration (Master) Account, reducing the overall cost of capital by optimizing cash utilization. Tioga State Bank will automatically advance funds in the exact amount necessary to cover the current day’s charges from the Concentration Account to bring the balance in the Zero Balance Account back to zero at the end of the day.

  • Account Reconciliation

Account Reconciliation can be completed right from your PC with our E-Cash Management system or we can work with you to tailor account reconciliation to meet your specific needs.

  • Business Repurchase (Sweep) Account

TSB’s Business Repurchase Account allows businesses to combine the earnings of an investment account with the convenience of a Tioga State Bank checking account. What’s more, the funds are transferred automatically so you do not have to monitor daily balances, anticipate tomorrow’s cash needs or make additional trips to the bank. This leaves you with more time to manage your business while the Repurchase Account manages your cash for you.

  • Business Account Analysis

Special situations demand special analysis. We can set your business checking account up to be analyzed on a monthly basis.  We will work with you to design a plan so that your TSB business banking accounts can work together to offset monthly service charges.