E-Cash Management Service

With E-Cash Management, in the comfort of your own office, any time of day, you can initiate ACH transactions and transfer funds by wire anywhere in the world.  You can simplify your payroll process by uploading batches of ACH files for automatic direct deposit into as many as 15,000 different payee accounts.

In addition to Tioga State Bank’s standard E-Cash Management Service, two additional  features are available which allow you to add additional layers of security, providing you with peace of mind while you complete your business banking conveniently from your place of business:

  • Positive Pay: Positive Pay is an add-on feature to Tioga State Bank’s E-Cash Management Service.  It allows the customer to use the Positive Pay feature to provide Tioga State Bank with a list of checks that the customer authorizes Tioga State Bank to pay.  If a check which was not on the list of checks authorized by the customer attempts to clear, that check item would appear on the customer’s E-Cash Management “to be paid or returned” listing.  The customer is alerted to the unauthorized check and can take further action to review the check item and proceed as necessary.

  • ACH Debit Blocker:  ACH Debit Blocker is an add-on feature to Tioga State Bank’s E-Cash Management Service.  ACH Debit Blocker allows the E-Cash Management customer to provide specific information to Tioga State Bank to prevent or confirm allowable ACH transactions.  For example, ACH Debit Blocker allows the customer to stop all ACH debits for a particular company ID.  Or, the customer can provide Tioga State Bank with a list of permissible ACH Company IDs.  In any case, if an ACH is presented that does not meet the criteria as provided by the customer, Tioga State Bank will contact the customer; provide the customer with information regarding the ACH transaction, allowing the customer to complete an unauthorized ACH dispute form.

Of course, you can always check your balances, transfer funds, and make loan payments anytime until 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  And you can view and print statements and download to your money management software at your convenience.

To discuss TSB’s E-Cash Management with one of our Electronic Banking Specialists, contact our Customer Service Center at (888) 303-4TSB (4872).