Debit Card Freeze

debit freeze card only

Debit Card Freeze is an option for Tioga State Bank customers to temporarily suspend their Tioga State Bank ATM or Debit Card using the TSB Mobile App. While frozen, any new purchases, withdrawals, or balance transfers will not be authorized. This enhanced security feature can be activated whenever and however long you want to keep the card unusable. The card can be unfrozen at any time.



To Freeze or Unfreeze Your Card:

  1. Log in to your account on the TSB mobile app.
  2. Click Manage Cards in the left menu and select a card.
  3. Select Suspend Card and then click Suspend with the Green Check Mark to Freeze your card (Note: If you have already suspended your card, you will see an option to activate it).
  4. Once your card is suspended, a green confirmation message will appear.
  5. To Unfreeze your card, select the card from the Manage Cards menu and click on Activate Card.
  6. After your card is activated, a green confirmation message will appear. You can use your card immediately.