Bonus Rewards Checking!

Bonus Rewards Checking pays preferred interest, reimburses the ATM fees* you are charged at nationwide ATMs, and pays a Cash Back Bonus Reward to qualifying accounts!

Just three simple requirements per monthly qualification cycle:

  • Confirmed enrollment in TSB Online eStatements on the last day of the monthly qualification cycle.
  • At least one monthly direct deposit, automated clearing house (ACH) credit, minimum amount of $75, paid into your account during the monthly qualification cycle.
  • At least 15 point of sale (POS) TSB Debit Card purchases post and settle on your account during the monthly qualification cycle.

You don’t need a high balance to earn a great annual percentage yield (APY) – in fact, any balance less than $15,001 will put you in the bracket to earn an APY that’s as good as a CD!  Plus, you’ll earn a somewhat lower APY on the balances greater than $15,001.  Just make sure you meet the requirements.

For those customers who enjoy the ease and convenience of using their TSB Debit Card, once you complete 30 POS purchases on your account, you will earn a cash back bonus reward of $.10 for each of those purchases, as well as for any additional POS purchases, up to a maximum bonus reward payment of $10 per qualification cycle.  Just make sure you meet all the requirements.

If you didn’t meet the requirements, don’t worry; you’ll still earn a base APY.  You won’t receive the ATM reimbursements for that monthly qualification cycle, but you can start over the next cycle, with no service charges or penalties.

The Bonus Rewards Checking “Monthly Qualification Cycle”  means a period beginning the first business day of the month and ending on the last business day of the month.  

Your Rewards Checking account pays you interest and offers the following benefits:

  • Only a $25 deposit to open account
  • Free TSB Debit Card available
  • Free Tioga State Bank ATM Access
  • Free TSB Online Banking
  • Free TSB Online Bill Pay
  • Free eStatements**
  • Free TSB Mobile Banking
  • Free Xpress Telephone Banking
  • Bank to Bank Transfers available
  • Remote Deposit Anywhere available
  • Overdraft Protection available

*Nationwide ATM fee reimbursements for a potential total of up to $35 per qualification cycle.  Reimbursements include (1) up to $20 for ATM usage fees imposed by third-party banks or ATM networks, and (2) up to $15 for the TSB fees for using non-TSB ATMs.

** A $5.00 per paper statement fee will be assessed unless you have confirmed enrollment in eStatements prior to the last business day of the month.