eStatements & eDocuments

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New eDocuments (eStatements, eNotices, eTax Documents)

Simply your record keeping and save paper by receiving an electronic version of your statements, notices, and tax documents. eDocuments looks exactly the same as paper documents and are available sooner than documents that arrive by mail. eDocuments are easy, convenient, secure and free!


New Features

  • Easy Enrollment Process.
  • Add additional recipients to view assigned statements or documents.
  • Centralized electronic documents archive.
  • Convenient Reconciliation Wizard to balance your account.
  • eStatements are available for the life of your account.


It’s Easy to Enroll

By switching to eStatements, you can save time, save paper, and enjoy a peace of mind knowing your financial information is secure. To access eStatements, you must be enrolled in Online Banking.

Enroll through Online Banking:

  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Select your User Name in the top right of the screen.
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click on your Tioga State Bank account on the left, under the Settings menu.
  5. In the Documents field, select Manage.
  6. Follow the onscreen steps and once complete, you will be enrolled in eStatements.

Enroll through TSB Mobile App:

  1. Login to the TSB Mobile App.
  2. Select the main menu, and then select Settings.
  3. Select Tioga State Bank in the Accounts section.
  4. Under the relevant account section, select Documents.
  5. Select whether you would like text or email notifications when new documents become available.
  6. Select the check box next to the account you would like to enroll in documents.
  7. Select Save.


Convenient Access

Receive automatic email notifications when your statements are available. You can view, download, save or print at your convenience.

Viewing your eStatements within Online Banking

  1. Login to Online Banking.
  2. Select Documents.
  3. Select the Statement you would like to view.
    Use the Statements, Taxes, or Notices tabs to view different document types. You can also use the drop-down menu to filter documents by year.


Options Within eDocuments

Once you are enrolled, additional options are available.



Access eStatements by selecting the desired account and clicking on View to open the PDF document. You will receive an email from Tioga State Bank when your documents are ready to view.Statements are available for the life of your account.


Sign Up/Changes

View and edit which accounts and documents are enrolled. Selecting the > sign to the left of the account will display the accounts available. Check the boxes next to the accounts you want to have enrolled.


Email Settings

Update email address and security phrase. Emails from Tioga State Bank for eDocument activity will include your security phrase in the email subject line.


Additional Recipients

Enroll additional recipients, such as spouses, CPA’s, business partners, and bookkeepers, to receive copies of your electronic documents. You assign each a username, email address and PIN and choose which documents you want each recipient to receive.



Click the ‘Disclosures’ tab to view the E-Statement Enrollment disclosure and agreement.


Reconciliation Wizard

Balance statement information manually by subtracting checks and adding deposits.


The TSB Mobile app is free to download. Your mobile carrier may charge access fees depending upon your individual plan. Web access is needed to use TSB Mobile. Check with your carrier for specific fees and charges. You must be an Android™, Apple®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® customer.

TSB Online Banking has an inactivity fee of $5.00, assessed after 90 days of inactivity, applied per month inactive.