Cut down mail, not trees.  Go green with eStatements.

Are you tired of all the paper?  Do you want to decrease the amount of mail you receive?  If so, you can sign up for TSB Online eStatements for all your TSB checking and savings accounts.  Once enrolled, you will no longer receive your periodic statements in paper form.  Instead, you will receive an email notifying you that your statements are available for review and download through TSB Online.

To sign up for eStatements, customers must be enrolled in TSB Online and have a valid TSB Online ID and PIN.  Customers must also have access to a computer with Internet access and maintain a valid email address for eStatement notification emails.

To enroll in eStatements, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Tioga State Bank’s website and go to TSB Online LOGIN.
  2. Enter your TSB Online ID and PIN and click the “Submit” button.
  3. Under “Options”, enter the email address for statement notices to be sent to.  Or, verify or edit the existing email address. There is no need to change your email address if it is correct.
  4. Click on the “eStatements” tab.
  5. Select the account(s) you want to receive eStatements for by putting a check mark in the box next to the account name.
  6. Select the format you want to view your statement in (.pdf, .html, or .txt) by clicking on the radial button next to the format type and clicking “Submit.”
  7. Read the eStatement Enrollment Agreement and click on the “I Agree” button.
  8. An Electronic Statement Enrollment Confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered in “Options”.
  9. Read the email, and click the link within the email to confirm electronic delivery for the account(s) you selected.
  10. You will be directed to TSB Online where you must login to TSB Online to complete enrollment in eStatements.  You should see a “Thank you for enrolling.” message.
  11. Notification of eStatement availability through TSB Online will be emailed for the account(s) selected.