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Your TSB Debit Card will be upgraded to EMV chip technology. Our EMV cards come with the same great benefits, plus enhanced security and protection against debit card fraud.


What is EMV chip technology?

EMV chips are little microprocessors embedded into your debit card that encrypt payment information when used at chip-enabled locations and ATMs. Unlike magnetic-strip cards, every time a card is used for payment, the chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again. This process makes it much harder for fraudsters to capture payment information and create duplicate cards.


Benefits of chip cards:
  • Stronger protection against fraud. Chip cards provide an extra layer of security when used at a chip-enabled location or ATM.
  • Easy to use. Although paying with your chip card may be different, it is still a simple process. You can also use the stripe on the back of your card if the location isn’t chip-enabled.
  • Accepted globally. Chip technology is already used in many countries worldwide, giving you a more secure way to pay, wherever you go.


emv chip how to

You may also swipe your card if the merchant or ATM is not yet chip-enabled.


When to expect your TSB chip card:

Our chip cards are now available!

For more detailed information, please review our TSB Chip Card Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


Additional TSB Debit Card Security


SMS Guardian Text Alerts*

When purchases are made with your TSB Debit Card, text alerts will be sent to your phone, enabling you to identify and stop any fraudulent debit card activity. SMS Guardian Text Alert Service is already available to existing TSB debit card holders and makes the perfect compliment to EMV chip technology.

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Debit Card Freeze

Using the TSB Mobile App, you can temporarily suspend your Tioga State Bank ATM or Debit Card, whenever and however long you want. This enhanced security feature is not only convenient, but gives you relief in knowing that your card cannot be used if you manage to misplace it.

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*By completing enrollment in TSB Debit Card SMS Guardian Text Alert Service, you authorize Tioga State Bank to electronically debit your account $1.99 per month. Standard data and message rates apply