TSB Debit Card FAQs

Is there a fee for using TSB Debit Cards to make purchases at merchants?

No, TSB does not charge a fee for the use of TSB Debit Cards at merchants.

When TSB Xpress Telephone Banking or TSB Online Banking request a PIN, does this mean my TSB Debit Card PIN?

No, TSB Xpress Telephone Banking has a PIN unique to TSB Xpress Telephone Banking. Your TSB Online and Debit Card PINs are unique also.

What is a compromised card?

A compromised card is a card that is at risk of being used fraudulently.  Cards may be compromised due to computer theft, unauthorized network intrusion, or other types of suspicious activity.  This can happen at a store where you shopped or as your card number and payment information travel electronically through the processing system.

How does Tioga State Bank react to compromised card situations?

Tioga State Bank takes every compromise seriously and requires issuance of new cards for affected customers.  Customers will receive written notification if their card data has been compromised.  The notification will provide detailed information on obtaining a replacement card.

Does receiving written notice from TSB that my card has been compromised mean I have fraud on my account?

Not necessarily.  A compromised card letter does not mean any fraudulent activity has occurred on your account.  In fact, among the list of card numbers we periodically receive, only a few have been affected by fraud.  Take the opportunity to review your monthly statement(s).  Remember to review your daily transactions using TSB Online.

What do I need to do if I discover fraud on my account?

If your card has not been blocked already, call the bank immediately.  For debit card transactions, you will need to complete our Cardholder Dispute Form.   If you have questions about the form, please call our Customer Service Center at (888) 303-4TSB (4872).

How long will it take to receive my replacement card?

Most cards are received within two weeks from the date of order.  The new PIN is delivered one to two days after that.

What happens if I do not receive my card within this time frame?

Please contact our Customer Service Center at (888) 303-4TSB (4872) so we can check on this for you.

What do I do when I receive my new TSB Debit Card?

Cut up the old compromised card and activate the new card that you received.   A compromised card, with unconfirmed fraud, will be blocked from further activity 30 days after the date on your notification letter.  A compromised card, with confirmed fraud, will be blocked immediately.

Will my PIN number change along with my card number?

Yes, the new card number will have a new randomly generated PIN number.  This is done in order to protect your privacy and ensure that your personal PIN was not included in the compromise.

Is there a charge for the new card?

As a courtesy to our customers, under these compromised card circumstances, we do not charge the normal card replacement fee.

What if I do not want to have my compromised card blocked?

Compromises are serious.  Fraudulent activity may occur if the card is not blocked.  The fraud dispute process can be more inconvenient to customers than simply having a card replaced.  While many customers do not experience fraud when a compromise is reported, the risk exposure still exists if the cards are not blocked and replaced.  To protect our customers, minimize inconvenience and losses, Tioga State Bank requires compromised cards to be replaced.

What if I have preauthorized debits made to my compromised card number?

You should contact the merchant immediately upon receipt of your replacement card and provide them with the new card number and expiration date.  This process may be as simple as logging into the corresponding merchant’s website and updating the information yourself.  If this is not the case, you may need to write to let them know of a card number change.

There are other authorized users on my Debit Card account. Does this affect their card(s) too?

Debit cards each have a separate number.  Therefore, if one card is compromised, that doesn’t always mean any other authorized users’ cards are compromised as well.

Can the information on my debit card be used to steal my identity?

The information encoded on the compromised card pertains strictly to the card, potentially including the name, card number and expiration date.  Confidential information such as Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, addresses and dates of birth are not stored on the card.

What can I do to keep card compromises from happening again?

Unfortunately, we have no way of stopping criminals from hacking into databases of merchants.  While the possibility of a card being used fraudulently is low, we recognize the aggravation customers face in acquiring a replacement card or having fraudulent activity removed from their account.

Is there anything I can do to insure that fraud doesn’t occur on my card?

Always know where your card is, and if you misplace it, call the bank immediately so we can block the card from use.  Never write your PIN on the card or carry the written PIN with you.  Use TSB Online to monitor your account activity and call (888) 303-4TSB (4872) if you see anything suspicious.  TSB Debit Card SMS Guardian Text Alert Service is also available to help prevent debit card fraud.