CD Laddering

Investing in CDs is better with Tioga State Bank’s CD Laddering Package.  Invest like a professional and take advantage of the convenience, safety, soundness and high returns when you ladder your CD investments at Tioga State Bank.

Use our CD Ladder Calculator to examine the benefits of investing in a series of Certificates of Deposit with different maturities, also called a CD Ladder.

The easiest way to build a CD ladder:

  • Open five Tioga State Bank Ladder CDs, each maturing one year later than the next.  The first Ladder CD matures in one year, the second in two years, and so on.
  • As each Ladder CD matures, open a new five-year Tioga State Bank Ladder CD.  For example, when your one-year Ladder CD matures, replace it with a five-year Tioga State Bank Ladder CD.
  • Eventually, you’ll have a five-year Ladder CD maturing every year.
  • In most cases, a five-year Tioga State Bank Ladder CD yields more than one with a shorter maturity.  This way, you get the highest possible yield and still have a CD maturing each year.