Take a winter break

Everybody needs a break every once in awhile. That’s why we’ve created the TSB Skip-A-Payment program. Customers may be eligible to skip two loan payments within a 12 month period and six times during the life of your loan, for a fee of $25 per skip. This service is available year-round, so contact us to skip a qualifying loan at any time.  


Loans eligible for Skip-A-Payment:

  • Personal Loans
  • Automobile/Truck/Motorcycle
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Other TSB Consumer Installment Loans



  • First 12 months of payments have been made
  • Less than 2 skipped payments in previous 12 months
  • Less than 6 skipped payments during life of the loan
  • Account must be in good standing


Get Started

  • Print and complete the Skip-A-Payment Request form. Return the completed form to any TSB office location at least 3 days before your loan payment is due.
  • A $25 fee applies for each payment skipped; this can either be debited from your TSB checking or savings account or by check made payable to Tioga State Bank.


TSB consumer loan customers who utilize this program will be assessed $25.00 for each Skip-A-Payment. Skip-A-Payment Request forms must be signed and returned to TSB at least three (3) business days prior to the next payment due date. Interest will continue to accrue and when you make your next payment, more of the payment will be applied to your interest. Real estate loans and loans with escrow do not qualify for the SKip-A-Payment program.