Xpress Telephone Banking

senior woman using laptop and on phone

TSB Telephone Banking will help make managing your finances easier and more convenient. Check the balances on your checking or savings account, make loan payments or schedule automatic transfers, place temporary stop payments (fees may apply), activate or deactivate your TSB debit card, and more!


  1. Dial 800-523-4872
  2. Follow the menu prompts
  3. Enter your account number and pin

In order to verify your identity, the first time you call in you’ll need to enter your account number, followed by your Social Security number. This is the only time you will be asked to enter your full Social Security Number. You will then be prompted to re-register your Personal Identification Number (PIN). For account transactions and inquiries (balances, interest, etc.) you’ll always be asked to enter your account number and PIN.

Our Telephone Banking system’s default is Touch Tone. Press 8* to use Voice Recognition.


PRESS 1 for Account Balance

PRESS 2 for Account History

PRESS 3 for Funds Transfer or to Make a Payment

PRESS 4 for Card Services

PRESS 5 for Stop Payments

PRESS 6 for Change Overdraft Options

PRESS 7 for PIN Maintenance

PRESS 8 for Bank Routing Number

PRESS 9 for Bank Mailing Address



8* – Voice Recognition

1* – Help Menu

3* – Main Menu

* – Go Back

5* – Skip

# – Repeat

7* – Hang Up

0 – Operator