Xpress Telephone Banking

Important Information for our Xpress Telephone Banking Customers

On April 8, 2019, our Telephone Banking system will be upgraded with new enhanced features. You will still have access to your banking 24/7 with the same phone number: (800) 523-4872.

Please listen carefully when you call as the menu options have changed.

Our new Telephone Banking will help make managing your finances easier and more convenient. Check the balances on your checking or savings account, make loan payments or schedule automatic transfers, place temporary stop payments (fees may apply), activate or deactivate your TSB debit card, and more!

24-Hour Phone Access:  (800) 523-4872

All TSB customers have 24-hour access to accounts with Xpress Telephone Banking by calling locally (607) 589-7085 or calling 1 (800) 523-4872.

Xpress Banking is your connection to Tioga State Bank, giving you immediate access to the information you need most often.  With Xpress Telephone Banking you can quickly and easily:

  • Make account balance inquiries
  • Verify transactions on your account
  • Verify deposits and withdrawals, including electronic funds and ATM transactions
  • Make transfers and loan payments

To Start Using Xpress Banking

Your Social Security or tax identification number has been assigned as your initial Personal Identification Number (PIN). The first time you access your account(s), you will be required to change your PIN to a six-digit number.  To access information in the future, you will need your account number, your six-digit PIN, and your Social Security or tax identification number.

Using Xpress Banking

Before using Xpress Banking, make sure you have your account number(s), your six-digit PIN, and your Social Security or tax identification number.

  1. Call Xpress Banking from any touch-tone telephone, toll-free at 1 (800) 523-4872.
  2. Wait for the greeting, then follow the simple instructions given to you.  You will be offered a series of menu selections to choose from.
  3. The main menu provides access to checking, savings, CD, loan and club accounts, as well as the ability to transfer funds.
  4. The checking and savings menus provide information on your account balance, previous account activity, deposit information, specific check information, and interest information.
  5. The loan menu gives you access to your loan balance, payoff information and interest information.
  6. The CD/IRA menu gives information on your account balance, current and prior year interest information, and maturity date.
  7. The funds transfer menu allows you to transfer funds between checking, savings, and loan accounts.