03/22/2016: 6 Reasons Your Tioga State Bank Debit Card Was Declined

6 Reasons Your Debit Card Was Declined

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It has happened to most of us; that dreaded moment when the cashier hands you back your card because it has been declined. You know you have enough in your account, so why is this happening to you?

There are many situations that could result in your debit card being declined. Understanding why your card was declined is the first step in preventing it from happening again. Here are 6 reasons why your debit card may be declined and how to avoid them.


  1. An authorization block has been placed. Authorization blocks are restrictions a bank might place on locations or merchants, preventing you from using your card for a debit transaction. Blocks are placed for your protection when there is an increase in debit card fraud or if there is suspicious activity on your card. However, you can still use your card if there is an authorization block in place. All you have to do is retry your transaction using your debit card pin number. So make sure you know your debit card pin! Click here for more information.
  1. You have exceeded the transaction limits. The daily limits in place at Tioga State Bank include a $500 withdrawal from an ATM or $2,000 for point of sale (POS) transactions. There is also a limit on the number of transaction you can complete in one day. The amount of times you use your card at an ATM or point of sale is 35 per day.
  1. International purchase. All purchases made outside the United States are declined unless you notify us before you travel outside the country. If you are planning a trip, make sure to call our customer service center at (888) 303-4872 or stop at any of our offices to let us know you are traveling.
  1. Too many invalid pin attempts. If your pin is entered incorrectly three times, a hold will be placed on your card until the next business day.
  1. Your card has expired or has not been activated. If your card has expired, you should have received a new one in the mail. To activate your new card, visit an ATM and enter your pin number.
  1. You temporarily froze your debit card and need to unfreeze it. With Debit Card Freeze you can temporarily suspend your TSB Debit Card. You can also unfreeze your card using the TSB Mobile App. Learn more about Debit Freeze.


Whatever the situation may be, we want you to be prepared. Communicate with us in advance before making unusual purchases or when traveling. Sign up for text alerts to prevent debit card fraud by receiving text alerts after each purchase made with your TSB Debit Card. You can also visit one of our offices during bank hours or call our Customer Service Center at (888) 303 4TSB (4872).