Online Information & Security

TSB Online – It’s Free!

In today’s world, many people don’t have the time to visit an office location to do their banking.  With TSB Online, you don’t have to.  From home or office, just go to the Tioga State Bank website to do your banking.  You can also pay your bills online any time of the day or night by signing up for TSB Online Bill Pay.

Live Chat

Live Chat is also available to TSB customers enrolled and logged in to TSB Online.  Our agents can assist you by chatting with you live!  After you log in to TSB Online, you’ll see the Live Chat button at the top right of the TSB Online page when an agent is available to chat.

System Requirements

You need access to the internet using supported browsers (current or prior release):  Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari (Apple/Mac Users only), and an internet service provider (ISP) of your choice.  No additional software is needed.  Account information is provided through a secure website.  Your browser must support frames and SSLs (secure socket layers).

Security with TSB Online

Security is extremely important.  The following are the security procedures in place to provide you with full protection:

  • To ensure integrity of the data, you need to use a browser that supports frames and secure socket layers (SSL).

  • The first time you login to TSB Online you will be asked to change your TSB Online PIN and to select a specific picture (your personal identification image) from a gallery of memorable images.

  • Your TSB Online PIN must be alpha-numeric-special character and must be at least 7 characters in length.

  • You will also be prompted to select specific challenge questions from a list and enter personalized answers that only you should know in case our TSB Online system needs to verify your identity while you are using TSB Online in the future.

  • Each time you login to TSB Online you will be required to enter your TSB Online ID and your PIN.

  • Each time you login to TSB Online, you will be prompted for an email address until you provide one.  A valid email address is required in order to receive TSB Online email alerts.

  • TSB Online will prompt you to review your email address for accuracy every 180 days.  TSB Online may also randomly prompt you to verify your email address.

  • Each time you login to TSB Online you should verify that the image displayed is the personal identification image you selected. This will provide ongoing verification that you are connected to our online banking website rather than a fraudulent copycat site.

  • TSB’s authentication system will automatically monitor your accounts for activity that is “unusual” based on your history with our institution. In the rare event that unusual activity is detected, you will be automatically asked to verify your identity by answering the pre-selected challenge questions.

  • For your security, please do not share your TSB Online ID or PIN information with anyone.

  • You can change your TSB Online ID or PIN anytime. You will need to login to TSB Online using your existing TSB Online ID and PIN. Click on the Options icon at the top of the page to change your PIN, TSB Online ID, or email address.

  • You must change your PIN at least every 180 days.

  • If you forget your PIN or complete three invalid PIN attempts, you can self reset your TSB Online PIN if you previously completed the TSB Online Banking Personal Options page with all required information.