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GiftPay at a glance

This helpful feature within TSB Online Bill Pay* allows you to send personalized gift checks and charitable donations with ease.**


How it works:
  • To send a gift check, choose a check design for the occasion and add a personalized message to the recipient.
  • Donation checks can be sent in memory or in appreciation of someone you wish to honor. You can also send a personalized email message to notify others of your donation.
  • We send the gift or donation check to the recipient. Funds are withdrawn when the check is cashed.


Why it’s a new level of simplicity:

With GiftPay, you don’t have to worry about stamps or trips to the post office. Plus, GiftPay gift checks cost less than most greeting cards but still offer a range of colorful designs to suit the occasion and the option for personalization.


How to get started:
  1. Log in to Online Banking.
  2. Click on the Move Money tab.
  3. Select Gift Pay.


*Online Bill Pay inactivity fee of $5.00, assessed after 90 days of inactivity, applied per month inactive.

**Gift Pay Fees include: $2.99 per Gift Check, $1.99 per Donation