06/28/2018: Update on Remote Deposit Anywhere

RDA Graphic

If you love the convenience of making mobile deposits with our Remote Deposit Anywhere service, we’re making it even better. You still just take a picture of your check with your smartphone and deposit the funds in your account.

But now there’s a way to remember which checks you have already deposited, while helping to protect against fraud and theft.

Effective August 1st, all mobile check deposits require a restrictive endorsement.

All this means is that you are telling us it is a mobile deposit. If the check is already printed with a box that indicates “Mobile Deposit Only,” just sign the check and checkmark the box. If you don’t see that box, simply write “For mobile deposit only” under your endorsement (signature).

Mobile Deposit Endorsement Example Checkbox
Mobile Deposit Endorsement example

The endorsement restriction is being implemented by financial institutions due to a change in federal regulations to help prevent fraud. If the back of the check does not include the required endorsement, your deposit could be delayed or declined. By taking this easy step, you’ll be able to keep better track of your deposits and avoid returned checks for missing the restrictive endorsements.

If you have any questions, stop by any TSB office or call our customer service center at (888) 303 4TSB (4872).




In order to use Remote Deposit Anywhere, you’ll need to be enrolled in TSB Online Banking and have the TSB Mobile App installed on your phone. Click here to sign up for Online Banking.