ATM / Debit Cards

Reporting Lost or Stolen ATM or Debit Cards

If your Tioga State Bank ATM or Debit Card is lost or stolen, notify Tioga State Bank immediately by calling our Customer Service Center during regular business hours at (888) 303-(4TSB) 4872 and after hours at (866) 546-8273. TSB Online customers can also report a TSB card lost or stolen via TSB Online.  Just login to TSB Online Banking, go to the Options tab, click on the ATM/Debit Card tab and put a check mark in the box next to the TSB card that is lost or stolen. Please contact our Customer Service Center, during normal business hours, to order a new card.

Tioga State Bank Debit Card – It’s Free!

Use your Tioga State Bank Debit Card to:

  • Obtain cash withdrawals
  • Transfer funds
  • Obtain account balance information
  • Purchase goods
  • Pay for services

There are no fees when you make purchases with your Tioga State Bank Debit Card.  Customers using Tioga State Bank Debit Cards at Tioga State Bank terminals will not be assessed a fee for cash withdrawals.  However, there may be a fee for any withdrawal or transfer made at a non-Tioga State Bank ATM.

Save Time & Enjoy the Convenience of a TSB Debit Card

  • Easy Activation.  Upon receiving your Tioga State Bank Debit Card, visit any Tioga State Bank ATM, insert your card, input your Personal Identification Number (PIN), and begin using your card.  Or you may activate your card by accessing TSB Online.
  • Use Your TSB Debit Card to Make Purchases.  Use your card anywhere MasterCard® is accepted to pay for up to $2,000 in purchases daily.  Payment is made for purchases directly out of your checking account, eliminating the need to write a check.  (International transactions allowed as requested.)
  • Use Your TSB Debit Card to Get Cash.  Get cash at any ATM nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Use Your TSB Debit card to Make Deposits at TSB “Smart” ATMs.  We have “Smart” ATMs at our TSB office locations which give you the convenience of being able to bank whenever you need.  Smart ATMs have advanced technology that allows you to make deposits with no ticket or envelope.  Deposit up to 30 checks at a time.  The ATM will show you an image of the check and ask you to confirm the amount.  At the end of the transaction, you can request a receipt with all the check images for your files.  Deposit up to 50 bills at a time without the use of an envelope.  The ATM will count each bill and provide you a receipt after the transaction is complete.

 Defense Against Debit Card Fraud

  • If you believe you are a victim of debit card fraud and would like to dispute a charge, please print and mail our Cardholder Disputed Item Statement.
  • Tioga State Bank Partners with jha Pass Port Fraud Center to Fight Against Fraud.  Being a victim of debit/credit card fraud can be a very difficult and upsetting experience.  That is why TSB partners with jha Pass Port Fraud Center to keep a vigilant eye on your debit card activity.  If jha Pass Port Fraud Center discovers uncharacteristic debit card activity, we may block your card to prevent losses to your account.  If a block is placed, jha Pass Port Fraud Center will attempt to contact you, but until they do, you will be unable to use your TSB Debit Card via the “credit” method when making purchases.  If you are making a point-of-sale purchase and you cannot use your card via “credit”, please try your purchase via “debit” and use your Personal Identification Number (PIN).  Keep in mind, using your TSB Debit Card via “debit” may also work if the network is temporarily unavailable due to routine maintenance.
  • MasterCard® 3D Secure Program – Additional Security for Online Purchases!  The 3D Secure Program is an additional layer of authentication for online debit card purchases.  TSB MasterCard®  Debit Cards are automatically enrolled in the MasterCard® 3D Secure Program.  Cardholders will not need a password for the MasterCard® 3D Secure Program for online debit card purchases but could be presented with some challenge questions for certain types of purchases. When cardholders make online debit card purchases from merchants participating in the MasterCard® 3D Secure Program, the purchase transaction is assessed for level of risk.  If the purchase is considered low risk, the transaction is completed without challenge questions.  If the purchase is considered high risk because there is some sort of suspicious element (i.e. suspicious merchant, high dollar amount transaction, etc.), the cardholder will be required to answer challenge questions.  After answering the challenge questions, the cardholder submits the order and if everything is okay, a “Thank You” screen is displayed. If a cardholder is blocked during the purchase process, the cardholder should contact the Tioga State Bank Customer Service Center at (888) 303-4872 for assistance.
  • Stop Unauthorized Debit Card Purchases with TSB Debit Card SMS Guardian Text Alerts!  Sign up for TSB’s Debit Card SMS Guardian Text Alert Service and you’ll receive text alerts about debit card purchases made with your TSB Debit Card, providing you with another layer of security which enables you to identify and stop fraudulent debit card activity immediately.  Find out more about the SMS Guardian Text Alert Service and how to enroll here.

Guidelines for MasterCard® Debit Card Usage

US merchants are not required to accept your MasterCard® Debit Card for signature-based transactions.  Below are the guidelines you should follow when making signature-based purchases with your MasterCard® Debit Card:

  • Swipe your MasterCard® Debit Card at the point-of-sale terminal and choose CREDIT.  Keep in mind some point-of-sale terminals may prompt you for a PIN immediately.  If this happens, you should be able to hit CANCEL and the CREDIT option should then be available.
  • Sign the receipt.
  • If you do not have the option of choosing CREDIT, choose DEBIT and enter your PIN.
  • If your TSB Debit Card is denied after trying both signature-based and PIN-based transactions, it could mean that this particular merchant may not be associated with any ATM networks accessible with your debit card, or this particular merchant may not accept MasterCard® Debit Cards.  If this should happen, use an alternate payment method.

Use precautions and common sense at ATMs!

  • Keep the PIN you use with your ATM or debit card confidential.
  • Don’t write your PIN on your card or on a piece of paper you keep with the card.
  • Choose a well-lit ATM, especially if you use the ATM after dark.
  • Don’t withdraw too much cash at one time.  Take only what you need.
  • Stand directly in front of the machine to prevent someone from seeing your PIN as you enter it.
  • Leave immediately if you become suspicious for any reason while using an ATM.  Note that PIN reversal is not a valid security option at ATMs.
  • Don’t leave your receipt at the ATM location.
  • Notify your financial institution immediately if your ATM or debit card or PIN is lost or stolen.

If your Tioga State Bank ATM or Debit Card is lost or stolen, notify Tioga State Bank immediately by calling our Customer Service Center at (888) 303-4TSB (4872).